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Vivienne is an independent consultant but has also created a virtual marketing research organisation with experts in their line of focus both nationally and across the EU (and when required globally)


Zebra26 can offer support in various ways from

  • General consultancy
    • Gap/ needs analysis,business development opportunities assessment,forecast development, scenario planning
    • Future planning e.g. Are you moving in the same direction as your clients?
  • A full project management research service from initial discussions of your challenge & needs, through to project execution and actionable results
    • Local and multi-country market research (including consumers, patients, healthcare professional, payers and key opinions leaders)
  • Interim project management & support


People are the inspiration that help derive insight from understanding. I can identify and talk to the right people : PATIENTS ~ PAYERS ~ PHYSICIANS ~ OTHER STAKEHOLDERS


How do we work with your stakeholders?

  • Face to face/ telephone discussions with creative techniques to elicit the sub concious
    • Individual one on one interviews, group discussions, facilitation of workshops and meetings
  • Digital approaches
    • Web assisted telephone interviews, mobile technology
  • Collective views
    • Online communities and Delphi approaches
  • Observation/ ethnographic
    • Watching customers/ consumers interact where they are the most relaxed

Whether you want to understand a marketplace, perceptions of a company, idea, product, device or service I can reach, explore and listen to the right people to provide guidance to your business challenge


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