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Having been in the healthcare arena for a good 20 years in market research & market access I consider myself well versed in all aspects of market research and the importance of it when underpinning business decisions. I have worked globally on the pharma client and agency side so know the stresses and strains from both sides! I decided to set up as a consultant so that I could provide a service that is tailored to you. I am not alone as I can call on anyone of my wonderful colleagues to help out on projects where their skills are required. A great and wide complement of skills are at my fingertips.


I am often asked about my company name and where it came from. Zebra's are like fingerprints, all individual and that's how I like to treat my clients. The 26 reflects my experience and relates to letters in the alphabet so its the A to Z of market research. So along with my strapline "Reading between the lines" I feel the name is very apt for the work that I do...


Now this is the more formal bit....


Over the last 25 years I have worked with businesses to help guide them in making informed decisions and drive change

  • I have extensive international healthcare experience gained from various roles (market research, pricing, health economics/ market access, parallel trade)
  • Clients have included start ups, biotech companies, medium size pharma companies, global consultancy companies
  • I have made strong links with senior level contacts across the globe to help deliver on key projects where relevant that are national or multi country
  • I am a practitioner and master of neuro linguistic programming.
  • Previously to setting up my own consultancy business (Zebra26 Ltd) I headed up the European Division of a global market research company conducting research primarily in Europe (including Eastern and Scandics).
  • I have also been employed by a FSTE 100 company in their corporate head office project managing decision making activities in order to support the global commercialisation of brands.


The totality of Zebra26 approach is…

  1. I work with clients to design, develop and deliver  the insight to move the business forwards
  2. Over the years I have built up and developed a very strong network of consultants to work with me and help deliver projects when required. On large projects I work with a core project team as well as a network of international consultants creating a virtual organisation giving the ability to tailor expertise where required
  3. The network of consultants are picked to support projects depending on their expertise
  4. All consultants have held senior positions in large corporations and/ or agencies so you are assured that we understand your challenges and have track records in their field of expertise. There is no junior delegation of work
  5. I/We are part of your team not a silo so it is more personal
  6. Being consultants I/we are in touch with our marketplace. I/We can operate with flexibility to suit you and offer a standard of service above the norm
  7. For those with limited budgets our flexibility and innovative approaches means that nothing is too small
  8. Customers have access to numerous experts whether marketing, marketing research, market access/ HEOR or regulatory to ensure that each project provides business relevant and actionable recommendations
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